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Where I'm from

In one of my loops we were challenged to work the Where I'm from template, by George Ella Lyon. You can find a link to the poem, and a template here: 



The following is my version - 



Where I'm from - 

I’m from an egg yolk, from the egg white and the skillet. 

I‘m from a father built home, full of imagination, desire and fear. 

I’m from the bluebonnets, the cedars and the hot blazing sun. 

I‘m from holidays and stubbornness, from Mamaw of banana pudding and plaster of paris and from Papaw of long tales and great inventiveness and from Jesus.

I’m from speaking your mind and standing for your beliefs. 

From the worlds of my own creations and the destiny I foretold.

I’m from the front pew of worship, from God’s word freely shared, from God’s spirit blowing gently by.

I'm from Duncanville, from Texas, from Georgia, from Colorado,  from green fried tomatoes and Dr. Pepper.

From the anticipation of hospital waiting rooms, and coughing in the night, and waiting alone in the dark. 

I am from hot attics, crumbling scotch tape and engraved hearts. 

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Duncanville, TX, USA
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Vincent van Gogh and Don McLean
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Tuesday, 16 October 2018

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