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Hanging @ the Space Bar is the news column of Lyndie Blevins. The Sage Space Bar is the diner on the square in Sage. Between the domino game in the back and coffee bar up front, you can hear opinions about most major topics being discussed. It is a great place to stretch your imagination, especially since they've added WiFi! This is the backdrop for Lyndie Blevins' column in the Record. 

My upcoming class reunion

My impending, sorry, I mean my upcoming high school reunion must be really on my subconscious mind.


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Look who visited me for Easter


During the snowstorm, one of my trees fell against the wood fence creating an opening that Penny insists on using as a gate. So for now the dogs are spending a lot more time in the house than any of us like. (especially the cat!)






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my own landfill...

One of my phone handsets went missing this week during my shoulder surgery recovery.

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What's it like to be retired

It’s been a little over a month since I retired. With the deposit of my first check Wednesday night, I know it is real.


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The license plate game - my count for 2009

Every play the license plate game? I love to play it when I am on a trip.

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