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church of the valley

Lyndie Blevins blogging from Sage-Texas where you can expect greater things to come

the church of the valley column reports spiritual and religious commentary. It is not supported by any particular church or denomination. Most of the churches in Sage have supported 'the church in the valley' as a part of the city's foundation. Part of the philosophy of 'the church of the valley' includes any specific church service can offer a 'mountain' top experience, which are valuable. However, it is in the everyday life in the valley where the church is really needed.  

Puzzling Day

Have you ever had a day when life circumstances made you feel you had missed your true life purpose?

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Are you satisfied with your life?

Maybe, you’ve tried many different avenues to fulfill your deepest desires. From theses efforts, you probably have filled your life with wonderful people, wonderful things.


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Do you want resurrection power?

March was a whirlwind of activity for me. A variety of weekend writing and church ministry conferences.

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Are you spiritual or religious?

Yesterday my nephew and I spent time together doing mutual favors. I asked him if he had a date for his sister’s upcoming wedding.


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Some thoughts on Isaiah 10

In this passage, Isaiah reveals God’s minor plan for Assyria as it relates to His major plan for the cosmos. These verses also reveal God’s character to be consistent with His purpose. Not only are God’s actions consistent through out history, they consistently work toward His purpose of bringing His children back into a right relationship with Him.

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