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The church of the valley is the Sage Alliance of Ministers. It was formed not long after the First Baptist and Methodist Churches were established. The concept church of the valley came from the notion that 'the church' isn't just downtown during church services. No, the real church should be in the valley where the real people live, work and experience problems.

To support the Outreach efforts, Sage churches pool their resources to provide the basic needs for life, food, clothing and sundries for needy residents.

The Outreach is located at the main offices on "Off the Greene" directly behind the City Hall. The church in the valley organization is the main contributor to the religious newsletter of the The Sage Record, which bares it's name.



Oklahoma Tornadoes 2013 


May 25, 2013. Moore, Oklahoma. American Red Cross volunteer Laurie Jaggers works alongside Southern Baptist Convention volunteers Virginia Parrish and Karla Boone at the First Baptist Church of Moore

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