I pound the door knocker, “Hello, I want to come in”

“What? No, you haven’t found the door, go away...”

I pound the knocker again, “Have, I have found the door.

Listen, I am knocking on it”

“No, you can’t be. You are

too young,

too short,

too white,

too clever,

too deep,

too talkative,

too serious,

too funny,

too positive,

too depressed,

too religious,

too liberal,

too conservative,

too imaginative,

too silent,

too thirsty,

too independent,

too needy,

No, you are not like us.”

I pound the knocker again. “But I am like you, Look, flesh - dirt and spit and spirit”

“Neither our scans or codes match. Not this time, not this portal. Vanish”

I stand at the door and knock.