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Elizabeth Ann Boyles - Historical Fiction/ Historical Romance

Bridges for the Journey

Ann Boyles

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Ann has written three historical novels, with a thread of romance, all set in Japan.

They are available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

  • I’m Elizabeth Ann, but my friends call me Ann. Although we may not have met in person, I’d like to call you a friend, so please call me Ann.
    • My wonderful husband and I got to know each other in Japan, where we were both teaching English and leading Bible studies for university students. We had been married for more than 50 years when he stepped into heaven in March of 2020.
    • I live in the Dallas/Fort Worth area of Texas, not too far from my son, his wife, and my grandsons. Occasionally I’m able to visit my daughter in Colorado Springs.
    • My parents took me to church, but I didn’t become a genuine Christian until my freshman year at the University of Colorado.  A friend on my dorm floor asked me questions that made me seek answers beyond what I’d always assumed.
    • I retired from teaching at Dallas Baptist University in 2020 after more than twenty-five years there. I loved the school, students, and ministry so much that I held onto teaching a course called Developing the Christian Mind long past the usual retirement age.
    • DBU students and I taught summer English camps in Taiwan, China, and South Korea from 1996-2007—wonderful experiences! I’m still eager to learn all I can about the Far East and to taste the cuisine. However, I cheat when I “cook” and buy frozen pot stickers—which my grandsons love—and fully-cooked teriyaki chicken.
    • My favorite activities are writing and reading. Favorite movies are Lord of the Rings, Sound of Music, and Chariots of Fire.
    • We’ve had lots of cats and dogs in the past, but the closest thing I have to pets now are squirrels. I enjoy watching their antics during breakfast. Sadly, it’s not like holding a puppy, but—hey—no fleas.
    • Above all, I seek to grow closer to God, knowing I have a long way to go. I will be eternally thankful to Jesus Christ for his death on the cross and the gift of eternal life!

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