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Kassy Paris


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Kassy Paris's newest book is Waylaid in Wyoming -

Waylaid in Wyoming is the story of Colleen Bonner and Drew Murphy. Colleen is a freelance photographer traveling from Texas to California, by way of Wyoming, to participate in a bridesmaid auction. When she reaches the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming, an accident lands her in dire straits and she is rescued by Drew Murphy, a veterinarian living and working on the family ranch.
Colleen is alone by circumstances beyond her control. She was orphaned at age 12 and has recently lost her only living relatives, her grandparents. She longs for a loving family. Drew, even though living with his widowed mother and his brother, has isolated himself from love by choice. He's determined to avoid further heartbreak.
Waylaid in Wyoming can be purchased through Amazon in both ebook and print formats. This is the first solo book published by Kassy Paris. Waylaid in Wyoming: Book 1 Wyoming Whispers Series: Paris, Kassy: 9781956641011: Books
she has also co-written one kozy mystery, three romantic suspence novels and one romance under the psydomyn Kassandra Elaine - check them out on Amazon. 

Kasandra Elaine is the writing team of Elaine Bonner and Kassy Paris. The pair met when they were fifteen and Elaine’s father moved his family to the small East Texas community to become the pastor of the Methodist church that just happened to be across the street from Kassy’s home. The two began their writing efforts as a team when they wrote a church Christmas play those many years ago.

Elaine lived in North Texas and worked as a registered nurse. She loved spending time with her children and grandchildren, singing, working in her local church, writing, traveling, and reading. At one time, Elaine worked as a travel nurse which afforded the writing pair the opportunity to travel to different parts of the United States. God took Elaine home in May 2015.

Kassy lives in East Texas and is a retired elementary teacher. At this time, she is developing an editing and a writers’ mentoring business as well as continuing her own writing career. Kassy enjoys traveling, reading, and quilting, much to Elaine's chagrin when she had to haul Kassy’s fabric stash and sewing machine around the country during their travels. Kassy's nieces and nephews and their children bring her great joy.

She's writing her own books, editing for the public, and beginning a small publishing company-Eagles Soar Publications, mostly for her books but hope's to soon add other writers.
She has received the rights back from all her published works, to eventually re-release then through Eagles Soar Publications.
Her goddaughter, Dana Joiner, and 3 of her friends have opened a movie/TV production company and are using some of her works to turn into scripts to pitch tostramlng service such as Netflix, Hulu, Peacock, Hallmark and others.
She's working on the second story of the Wyoming Whispers Trilogy.
She's editing for 2 different publishing companies as well as freelancing for the general writing public.
Waylaid in Wyoming
(Kassy is my cousin.)

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