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Hanging @ the Space Bar is the news column of Lyndie Blevins. The Sage Space Bar is the diner on the square in Sage. Between the domino game in the back and coffee bar up front, you can hear opinions about most major topics being discussed. It is a great place to stretch your imagination, especially since they've added WiFi! This is the backdrop for Lyndie Blevins' column in the Record. 


Dress codes and name tags

I'm hanging out this morning at the Sage Space Bar, the coffee/deli On The Greene in downtown Sage. I'm wondering what does it say about me that almost everything I'm involved in has a dress code and requires a name tag?


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Celebrating Memorial Day 2016


 One thing is for sure we can not escape remembering during the month of My. My mom’s birthday was in May. Every organization seems to recognizes the members they have lost during the year. Every time I see an invitation for those events, it brings the sting of my parents passing too years ago back. I wonder will every be able to let go or is that the point of Memorial Day?

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I'm sad for collegiate sports

I all the years I have been a fan of collegiate sports, the one program, I never expected a scandal from was Joe Paterno's. I've always respected what he did on and off the field. With today's re-arrest of the assistant coach I am just sad and my image of honor among coaches tarnished a little more.

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Trust30 My divine idea

Imitation is Suicide. Insist on yourself; never imitate. – Ralph Waldo Emerson



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What sounds do you hear on a summer's day in North Texas?

In North Texas, the cicada’s fill the trees and sing all day long. The hotter it gets the louder they sing. From my office, I can hear them. I’ve always thought the triple digit heat made the trees creak. It sounds like all of creation is chanting over and over ‘Itsssssss Soooooo HHHHH-OOOO-TTTT!.‘l


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