During the recent Vice-Presidential debate, Governor Palin was asked, ‘What should be the trigger, or should there be a trigger, when nuclear weapons use is ever put into play?’


Governor Palin gave a somewhat typical political answer along the lines that the United States uses nuclear weapons as a deterrent to other authorities.


When is someone going to have the guts to say what is really in our hearts? I guess I hope it is what is in everyone’s heart. There is no acceptable use for nuclear weapons! No other nation, except Japan, has the authority to say that today. The two of us, know the results of being placed into that position. It is nothing that we would ever want repeated.


The following Sunday, I went into a tirade about this topic. And one of the gentle ladies in my class asked, ‘what would you do about another power that builds systems to use?’ I had to think about it for a while. I have to ask what part of not of NO ACCEPATABLE USE did you not understand? The rest of the world must understand that we will not tolerate the use of this technology in a threatening way.


I remember reading a political intrigue novel where the US vice-president who had control of the magic keys decide that first strike would bring the least amount of causalities and ordered the missiles fired. I was so angry; I threw the book against the wall.


Fortunately, authors like Tom Clancy, have made fortunes writing about men who put their hands over the button, and said, “There must be another way, we always have another option.”


I read in a Christian newsletter recently that Bono of U2 asked Christian performer, Michael W. Smith what was the one thing we could do to disarm nuclear weapons? Smith wasn’t sure, so Bono replied, .Love.’