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Book Review - a book called YOU

Book Title       a book called YOU   Understanding the ENNEAGRAM from a Grace- Filled, Biblical Perspective

Book Author        Matthew Stephen Brown  

Pub. Year       2021 

Genre                 Christian Spiritual Growth, Christian Family

My Rating           5 stars 

Ease of Read      easy read

ISBN         978-0-7852-4085-3 

I was attracted to this book because I’m studying the enneagram for my development and to use for developing characters in my fiction. Using a Biblical approach as a background intrigued me. 

This book was about looking at the nine numbers of the ENNEAGRAM from a Biblical perspective. Besides showing the characteristics of Jesus and his teaching with each number, Brown explores the characteristics of a familiar Bible character for each number. It is fascinating to look at the characters in the light of the enneagram and gave me insight into why these characters did the things they did. 

Things I liked about this book include Brown’s use of Scripture and often told stories to develop the reader’s understanding of the enneagram. 

Why you should read this book. This is one of easiest enneagram books to read. Often enneagram writers will tell you about a friend or relative of theirs when they describe the individual numbers. This is always interesting, but still doesn’t completely draw the reader into comprehension. While Brown use these examples, it was his use of biblical characters whose lives are as familiar to you as your own relatives. For me, this made the characters pop in their numbers. And it provided me with great insight into these characters. 

This book lived up to the back cover copy synopsis. The endorsement from Rick Warren is a succinct summary of the book.


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