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Book Review - A Lineage of Grace

I was attracted to this book because This book was a gift from a treasured friend, and I admire the work of Francine Rivers.

This book was about - The background for these stories is basic Bible stories we have grown up with. The Bible provides us with the right amount of details to tell the basic doctrinal truths of the stories. Often the nuances of life, the motivations of the characters, are missing. We can study the Bible stories for the doctrinal truth. It is challenging to apply those truths to our very different outward situations.  

We want to know how these women ended up in these situations. 

Francine opens the door for the reader to walk in the shoes of each of the characters, using her biblical knowledge and her creative author’s perspective of character, place and motivation

This is a compilation of 5 novellas. 

Things I liked about this book - it was thought provoking and spiritually challenging. One detail that Francine spins that was fascinating to me was the trip of Ruth and Naomi back to Bethlehem. To realize a 70 year old Naomi and Ruth walked to Bethlehem carrying their possession was impactful. I struggled with Naomi that last couple of miles from Jerusalem to Bethlehem. And I remembered Naomi later in the day when I was on my daily walk up a hill in my neighborhood. 

There are many beautifully crafted sentences. I was most affected by the story of Bathsheba. Some many of the untold details and questions of this story have haunted me through the years. Two great lines from this novella summed up this story in powerful ways for me. 

“How was it possible for two people to know and love the Law and yet sin so abominably?” (P. 369)

“There is no humiliation worst for a man than to be destroyed by a woman!” (P. 351)

Speaking of David’s sons growing up in the aftermath. 

“A year passed, and another, as the weeds grew taller than the wheat.” (P. 379)

Why you should read this book - Historical Biblical fiction is never written to be viewed as fact. We should read it as fiction, as character studies of human behavior from stories we know and love. It is a wonderful moment when the ‘oh, that’s how it could have happened.’ Many of my questions and doubts disappear. This does not add to the Bible story, but removes my questions. 

Historical fiction gives us insights into a time and a culture unfamiliar to us

This book lived up to the back cover copy - These stories reveal the difficult situations these women found themselves in, their courage as they embrace their challenges, mistakes and the mercy and grace offered to them by our loving God to fulfill His plan in the life of Jesus.

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