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Book Review - Flannery O'Connor Spiritual Writings

Book Title         Flannery O’Connor Spiritual Writings

Book Author          Edited by Robert Ellsberg  

Pub. Year         2003

Genre                   Spiritual Life

My Rating             5 stars 

Ease of Read        Easy

ISBN   9781579754708 

I was attracted to this book because I want to know more about Flannery O’Connor

This book was about from excepts of O’Connors’ letters to several friends, Ellisberg gathers insight into the deep of her personal faith and wisdom as a spiritual guide. 


Things I liked about this book these snippets of insights her me understand the faith at the core of who Flannery O’Connor was.


Why you should read this book To have a broader understanding of O’Connor’s works and to take advantage for yourself the spiritual guidance she writes for her friends. The book also insights for those who are writing Christian Fiction. 


This book lived up to the back cover copy. The endorsements provide a good insight to the contents of the book.


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