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Book Review - Waymaker

Book Title         Waymaker - Finding the Way to the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of

Book Author          Ann Voskamp  

Pub. Year         2022

Genre                   Christian Living/Spiritual Growth

My Rating 5 stars 

Ease of Read         Easy, but spiritually challenging 

ISBN   978-0-3103-5219-8 

I was attracted to this book because I have read Ann Voskamp for about ten years, both her books and her blog. I always look forward to reading new words from her. 

This book was about - In Waymaker, Ann speaks of how we can move forward in our lives when our expectations don’t turn out as we thought life would. We have a Waymaker who generously shows us signposts in our journey to help us get back to the path. 

Things I liked about this book - Ann’s writing is beautiful and captivating. She draws you into her heart and her life. In following her blog, I thought I knew what was happening in her life the last few years. But I only knew the surface. In the book, Ann shares the true story of these years in a vulnerable and transparent manner. But throughout the story, she shows how the ‘Waymaker’ placed signposts and miracles into the journey that eventually brought to a place of more than she had dreamed.


Why you should read this book - If you have lost the path and your world is tumbling around, the Waymaker will bring you new hope there is someone who will direct your way.


This book lived up to the back cover copy - The information provides you with a great introduction to the book.

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