Book Title    It Works  Deluxe Edition    

Book Author     RHJ (Roy Herbert Jarrett)      

Pub. Year    1936     

Genre              Personal Transformation     

My Rating 4 stars 

Ease of Read      extremely easy    

ISBN   978-0399175572  

I was attracted to this book becauseā€¦ It was recommend in a biog or webinar. 

This book was about A simple plan to achieve what you desire. It also has a subtle message that this happens when you connect with God.


Things I liked about this book Very straight forward


Why you should read this book To be encouraged in your life and to be challenged to bring your desire to God


This book lived up to the back cover copy This book was originally a pamphlet and it has been read since 1926 bringing insight into spiritual psychology to create the life you would like.