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Book Review - Moon Lake

Book Title Moon Lake         

Book Author   Joe R. Lansdale        

Pub. Year  2021       

Genre            Southern Fiction, Murder Thrillers       

My Rating 5 stars  

Ease of Read     easy     

ISBN   978-0316540643  

I was attracted to this book because. I have wanted to read East Texan, Joe Lansdale for several years. I picked this book while visiting a bookstore with my niece.

This book was about. A young man who had a tragic life growing up near Moon Lake returns to face his past and discovers much more danger and mystery that he had ever imagined.   

Things I liked about this book. An extremely creative and compelling story from the start to the finished. Intriguing character keeps you engaged throughout. The depth of the intrigue reminds you there is always more to a town than appears.

Why you should read this book. An intriguing mystery of murder and ultimate power corruption in a small town.     

This book lived up to the inside cover copy. The synopsis on the inside slip cover gives you a flavor of the story.  

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