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Book Review - Protected

Book Title        Protected 

Book Author        Paula Peckham   

Pub. Year        2022 

Genre                   Christian Historical

My Rating 5 stars 

Ease of Read        easy read 

ISBN   9781649495549 

I was attracted to this book because - I know the author and was excited to read her first book. 

This book was about a wagon train of children orphaned on their way to Texas. The oldest, 18-year old Abby, disguises herself as a boy to protect the children in her care. On the trail, two men who were heading home from a cattle drive befriended them. As a group, they make their way to San Antonio and the chance for a new life. 


Things I liked about this book. The story was intriguing and moved forward in its telling. The characters were interesting as they experienced the adventure. 


Why you should read this book. A touching story of the trials and joys of frontier living. This is Book 1 in the San Antonio Series.


This book lived up to the back cover copy. The description of the story on the back is an accurate portrayal of PROTECTED. 


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