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Book Review - Reflections on the Psalms

Book Title  Reflections on the Psalms        

Book Author   C. S. Lewis        

Pub. Year   1958      

Genre             Old Testament Mediatations

My Rating 4 stars  

Ease of Read  The challenge of this book, is we are use to short sentences and paragraphs        

ISBN   978-0062565488  

I was attracted to this book because…I’m drawn to the wisdom of Lewis and the wonders of the Psalms. 

This book was about Lewis addresses 11 topics he found interest in the Psalms. I had a sense of sharing in Lewis’ private devotions and thoughts. 


Things I liked about this book - the thoughtful discussion of these topics from the Scriptures were encouraging and challenging to deepen my devotional life. 


Why you should read this book - Lewis always will take you places you’ve never experienced. These insights into the Psalms are no different.


C.S. Lewis

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