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Book Title STOP LIVING SMALL       

Book Author          Mary DeMuth  

Pub. Year          2021

Genre                   Christian Living, Religion

My Rating 5 stars 

Ease of Read         Easy to read, but will challenge how you think about yourself

ISBN   9788525806535 

I was attracted to this book because… I have known Mary and been an ardent reader of her writing. I looked forward to how she would challenge my personal thinking about my life.

This book was about…recognizing lies you tell yourself which keep you from living a life providing meaning for you and the people in your life. Mary points you to the ten truths which will move you toward embracing the life God has prepared for you. She uses heart felt experiences from her own life to illustrate both the lies and the applications. The Biblical references and principles provided are sound and provide direction to enlarge your life. Each chapter has questions for thought and reflection and a prayer. The questions would guide both personal development and facilitate small group discussions. And very few can write more powerful and insightful prayers than Mary DeMuth.

Things I liked about this book… Mary challenged me to look at my truth self. I see where my brokenness keeps me from reaching out to other people in their brokenness. The lessons of redemption shown throughout the book point to the brokenness of all of us. Our brokenness should draw us together rather than isolating us. 


Why you should read this book… If you have had life experiences that have shaped negative thoughts of your life, you should read this book. If you are driven to produce, to achieve to find meaning and worth for your life, you should read this book. If you want to find your greater worth in Jesus’ sacrifice, you should read this book. 


This book lived up to the back cover copy…This challenge from the back cover provides what you need to know. ‘Tired of living a small, unnoticed life? You are not alone.’ But you can find ten ways to escape into the powerful life God’s has for you. 

This book was previously published as WORTH LIVING: How God’s Wild Love For You Makes You Worthy. It has been edited and rewritten. 

I was given a copy of this book. I have purchased a book.

This book is available now on Amazon.


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