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Book Review - The Enneagram

Book Title        The Enneagram - A Christian Perspective 

Book Author          Richard Rohr and Andreas Ebert  

Pub. Year         2004

Genre                   Inspiration & Spirituality

My Rating             5 stars 

Ease of Read        Readable, but much great information 

ISBN          978-0824519506 

I was attracted to this book because…I’m interested in the enneagram not only for my own personal development, but for using with my character development in my writing. 

This book was about how to view the nine numbers from a Christian perspective. They also including writings and descriptions of people pf the faith in light of their probably number.    

Things I liked about this book - The book added a depth of my understanding of the enneagram. I have a greater understanding of the impact of each number with the concept of community and faith.   

Why you should read this book This book will provide you a greater understanding of your number, as well as the other numbers. It also provides how understanding the enneagram will enhanced your spiritual journey.    

This book lived up to the back cover copy From a Christian perspective, the book brings you reassurance of deep spiritual connections and development of the enneagram through leaders of the Christian faith. 

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