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Book Review - The Hidden Lives of Owls

The Hidden lives of owls


Book Title       The Hidden Lives of Owls 

Book Author        Leigh Calvez   

Pub. Year        2016 

Genre                 Nature 

My Rating.          5 stars 

Ease of Read     Easy

ISBN        978-1-63217-025-5 

I was attracted to this book because… I’m looking for information about the lives of owls for some research I’m doing for e current project. 

This book was about Leigh Calvez shares information on eleven different types of North American owls from her personal observations on being in the field studying and handling these owls for monitoring the owl populations.


Things I liked about this book The beautiful and engaging writing places you looking over the author’s shoulder as she looked for her first sighting of an owl, handling owls helping with adding banding ids or feed a Mother and her chicks after the father was taken by a predator.


Why you should read this book If you love nature and birds, you will enjoy this book. In fact, I’m sure Leigh’s book on whales is just as compelling.


This book lived up to the back cover copy All of the endorsements on the back cover rang true as you read the book for yourself.


Leigh Calvez

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