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Book Review - The Institute

Book Title      The Institute   

Book Author       Stephen King    

Pub. Year      2019   

Genre                 Supernatural thrillers, Genetic Engineering Science Fiction 

My Rating           5 stars 

Ease of Read      compelling read    

ISBN         978-1-9821-1058-1  

I was attracted to this book because…it was written by Stephen King. 

This book was about -  Children with special abilities are kidnapped in the night, their families murdered and they wake up in a room that is almost their room, but in The Institute. Adults enhanced their abilities and use them for the ‘better good’ at the cost of their minds and general health. No one has ever escaped from The Institute. This group of intakes is willing to fight at all to cost to destroy their captors.


Things I liked about this book - King’s ability to take the reader into the lives of his characters and experience what they are going through. His books always reveal how difficult it is to fight for good. And always, they battle against evil comes at great costs. 


Why you should read this book - For me, the power if his books is being a reminder that behind the sweet smiles that greet us, evil is operating all around us. Yes, he pushes our imaginations with the supernatural effects, but at the heart is always a simple story of evil that can be broken down to the sins we see every day and look away from. This is one of his man’s inhumanity to man stories. They are always his most frightening. 

I read several reviews suggesting disappointment in just another one of his stories. For me, that is the greatness. Fifty years of storytelling and he is still writing ones which keep you capture from the front-to-back cover.


This book lived up to the back cover copy - The synopsis on my back cover captures the essence of the book. This quote is given before the begins set the atmosphere for the book, “According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, roughly 800,000 children are reported missing each year in the United States. Most are found. Thousands are not.”


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