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Book Review - The Last Family

Book Title         The Last Family

Book Author          Jeff Wofford  

Pub. Year         2022

Genre                   Post-Apocalyptic Science Fiction, Family Life 

My Rating             5 stars

Ease of Read        intriguing read   

ISBN                     97817343234220 

I was attracted to this book because - I met the author last year and wanted to read his book. 

This book was about a family of five return from a week in the mountains to discover they are alone. They saw no evidence of people from Colorado back to north Texas. At home, they struggle with survival in a world without people. 


Things I liked about this book - Jeff tells the story through the journals of each family member. This was an intriguing format. While you might think this would leave you void of the interaction of the characters and drop you out of the story, I found the opposite to be true. Through the entries, you experienced the character. Each journal entry was the right character to continue the story. The writing held true to the age and gender of the writer. It encouraged me to read a powerful story of mercy and grace that is required in every family, even if some of the family holds an external faith. As the story unfolded, my response was emotional. 

A favorite line from the book is ‘the lightning has flashed, but the thunder awaits.”


Why you should read this book. The Last Family is a portal to an uncommon experience while using many familiar elements through which the reader can relate. 


This book lived up to the back cover copy. The summary on the back cover is a concise synopsis of the book. 


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