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Book Review - The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible

Mary DeMuth 2022 small

Book Title     The Most Misunderstood Women of the Bible  - What Their Stories Teach us About Thriving    

Book Author      Mary DeMuth      

Pub. Year     2022    

Genre                 Christian Life/Personal Growth 

My Rating   5 stars  

Ease of Read     easy, provides a lot of information     

ISBN   97801068451-225-6  

I was attracted to this book because I’ve followed and read Mary DeMuth’s books for over ten years. She always challenges me to embrace new truths. 

This book was about 10 of the most misunderstood women in the Bible. Mary uses her fictional skills to tell a short narrative of these some women to show their humanity, explains how the story applies to you, a list of the truths of this story that apply to you and discussion questions to strengthen what you have read. 


Things I liked about this book. Mary’s presentation of each woman’s story gives you a complete picture of the woman and her importance to your life. She provides several lists of truths which have great potential for being meaningful tools in the future. Her thoughtful offering of each woman’s part in God’s plan was encouraging in my spiritual development. 


Why you should read this book. You may know something about some of the ten women, but Mary provides insights from each woman’s experience from which you will find value in your life. There may be some of the women you know little about.

I believe after reading the first chapter on Eve, you won’t want to stop reading. The woman highlighted in the book are Eve, Hagar, Leah, Rehab, Naomi, Bathsheba, Tamar, The Proverbs 31 woman, Mary Magdala, and Phoebe. You will find yourself in one or all ten of these women. 

This book lived up to the back cover copy. Yes, if you have ever felt misunderstood, this is a book for you. If you haven’t, maybe it will allow you to recognize others. 


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