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Book Review - The Secret Life of Bats

The Secret life of bats

Book Title    The Secret Lives of Bats      

Book Author      Merlin Tuttle     

Pub. Year      2018   

Genre               Nature    

My Rating 5 stars  

Ease of Read   easy       

ISBN   978-0-544-81559-9  

I was attracted to this book because I was researching bats.

This book was about Tuttleā€™s career of studying and photographing bats around the world. His work brings to reality the important work these mammals play in maintaining the ecological balance of nature, both as pest control and as spreading seeds.   

Things I liked about this book. This a great book of the adventure stories Merlin has lived in his life studying bats. It is also a wonderful story of finding his purpose in life as a teenager and having the gumption to live it out.   

Why you should read this book This book brings you into a greater appreciation of how every creature plays a part in the order and maintenance of our universe. It will also give a greater insight into what is behind the beautiful wildlife photos and videos you enjoy.   

This book lived up to the back cover copy by showing examples of all the items and concepts hinted at on the back cover.  

Merline Tuttle

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