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Book Review - The Word in the Wilderness

Book Title    The Word in the Wilderness - A poem a Day for Lent and Easter 

Book Author      Malcolm Guite     

Pub. Year     2014    

Genre               Poetry, Christian Living, Lent    

My Rating   5 stars  

Ease of Read     Beautiful poetry, with in-depth explanation of each poem     


I was attracted to this book because. I have read other work by Malcom Guite.

This book was about. Malcolm has assembled poems for each day of lent, some from his own collection, some from his favorite authors. Malcolm explains the poem’s meaning, history, and author. 


Things I liked about this book. I’m always moved by Malcolm’s poetry or choices in poverty and his thoughts on the poems. This book brought me ideas and understanding outside my immediate faith traditions.


Why you should read this book. While the poems are meaningful on their own merit, this is a powerful Lent/Easter devotional to follow in season as you meditate on what Christ did for us. 


This book lived up to the back cover copy. The information provided on the back cover gives you insight into the poets and content in the book. 


Visit Malcom's blog 

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