Pippin - my beloved first dogMy most recent dogs, Blue and Penny in the snow



At the moment, I'm without a dog. But on National dog day, I'm remembering three of my most special dogs. Pippin, on the left, was my first dog in my young adult life. What a treasured friend in a lonely time.  She was so clever, had such a large vocabulary and was so much fun. She was willing to play along with my brother, boyfriends and my parents. She was ready for an adventure whether it was to the lake, the four hour drive between Duncanville and Austin, or a walk in the neighborhood. She opened our home to a kitten, and they were lifetime buddies. But she didn't tolerate possums in the yard.

On the right were my last two dogs, Penny and Blue. They were also so great buddies, and they allowed me to live on our property.