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My One Word for 2022

When I retired in August, 2009, I intended to achieve my lifelong dream of being a writer. 

I joined groups, went to conferences, took online courses and read, and read and read. 

Not surprising, with my technical background, I blogged  and developed a complicated website. 

I created my platform of my small town of Sage, Texas. 

It is a little different concept for a platform, but community is something I want to tell stories about. I created a pretty intensive background for Sage.

But not that much actual writing has been done. You know putting the words on a page. 

I’ve started somethings, created a lot of stories in my head, but nothing is completed.

What I need to do is… WRITE. 

My word for 2022 is WRITE. 

To do something toward a writing project every day, not just for the website, social media, or for writing groups. 

But words of some sort in a project.

The One Word I have chosen for every year provided an interesting focus for the year. Always what I needed, but usually the outcome was not what I expected. 

My One Word for 2021 was sanguine. And slowly through the year, my eager hopefulness, grew. 

I’m optimistic about this year. I hope you will join me in this journey.



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