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Seeking Sage Newsletter Volume 57 September 20, 2021

Pig with a ring

When a character wanders into the wrong story...

This weekend I watched a lot of videos of comedians telling stories. It inspired me to write this. 

One day, a character wander into the wrong story. On a warm Sunday afternoon, he walked into a park in a midwestern town. A pig walked by his side. 

Almost everyone in town were celebrating the beautiful day. They all turned to look at the man and the pig.

Well, maybe they couldn’t take their eyes off the man’s Hawaiian shirt. Many of those in the park questioned why the pig wasn’t on a leash. Even the man in the Hawaiian shirt stared at the ring in the pig’s nose. Others focused at the pig’s overly large ears.

The people in the park begin to think he was one of their relatives. They counted them out on their fingers. No one could think of any long-lost relatives. Let alone someone who would show up in a Hawaiian shirt. Or any one who might be seen in the company of a pig with a ring in his snout. 

There was a large flat rock in the park. The pig became fascinated with climbing the rock. But with his cloven hooves, he found it hard.

And you aren’t going to believe this! In the midst of all this confusion, it started snowing! 

Everyone said, “whaaat  is happening? First, a man in a Hawaiian shirt and a pig show up. And now, it’s snowing. That never happens. What kind of weird omens are happening?”

Someone else said, “Maybe we’ve transported to a Hallmark story!”

About that time, the pig almost made it to the top of the rock. But, as he slid off the rock, his front legs ended up under him, like he was kneeling.

The snow falling and the pig kneeling, gave John, the main character, the idea this was the right time to propose to Betty Jane. Now, he and Betty Jane had been dating for a long time. John had never been interested in getting married before. 

And John dropped to one knee and proposed to Betty Jane. She said yes immediately, because unlike John, she’d been thinking about getting married for along time. The whole town  jumped up and down in excitement, because they, too, had been awaiting for the proposal. 

Then, because it was still snowing, someone yelled out, “I know! John and Betty Jane should get married today!, We’ve been waiting so long!” Everyone agreed, including John and Betty Jane. The excitement in the park grew. 

And the pig still worked on climbing the rock.The man in the Hawaiian shirt took a seat on a park bench next to the town’s oldest citizen, who smoked a pipe. 

But, then, someone called out, “Oh, No!”

And the crowd responded ‘Whaaat?”

‘It’s Sunday. All the stores are closed. And John doesn’t have a ring!”

And everyone sighed “Oooooohhhhhh!’

But, then, everyone turned to look at the pig who still worked on climbing the rock. 

The pig, realized everyone was staring at his ring, and replied, “whaaaat?” 

But quickly added, “Okay. It’s for a good cause, and I want to be a part of the community. You can use my ring.”

And the excitement was back on. Then, someone said. “There is the luau tonight at the bar. Why don’t we have the reception at the bar and enjoy the luau.”

The crowd cried, “What a great idea! A wedding and a luau.”

But, then, the bartender said, “Oh, wait, I don’t think I have enough pork for everyone.”

And everybody said, “Oooooohhhhhh!”

But then, they all started looking at the pig, who still tried to climb the rock. 

The pig looked up and said, “Wait a minute, friends! I’ve already given up my ring. I think that is enough of a sacrifice. 

But, the guy, in a Hawaiian shirt, who walked in with me, cooked a lot of lauas in his time. I bet he could make the pork stretch out for you.”

Everyone turned to look at a man in a Hawaiian shirt setting next to the oldest resident in town on the park bench. 

He shook his head, “Yes, I could make the pork stretch out for everyone.”

The wedding and the laua were back on. And it was still snowing. 

At that moment, the pig, with the ring, climbed to the top of rock. He jumped off the rock. And for a moment, the wind held out his larger than normal ears. For that second, it looked like he was flying. 

The oldest man in town, setting on the park bench, with the pipe said, 

“Yep, I knew it! I’ve always said ‘I’d see a pig fly before I saw John get married.’”


Have you had a character end up in the wrong story?

Respond to this email, or on my facebook page.  I would appreciate if you encourage your friends to signup for my newsletter. 

Be safe. 

Lyndie Blevins

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