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These are books to which I have contributed to and have for sale at my on-line store 

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God uses every day events and circumstances to change lives. 

He will intervene through life situations, incidents, and experiences. He will use encounters with relatives, friends, casual acquaintances, and even strangers to help you be renewed and changed. He will help you see His Word in a new practical way. Your life can be renewed, renovated, and replenished. 

The Plight Before Christmas

Does the Plight give meaning to the thrill? 

Without a battle, there can be no victory. Without obstacles to overcome, achievement has little meaning. God can’t be our Santa Claus, giving us everything we want. No, he is our Father, one who is always with us, who seeks to supply our needs instead of our wants, bringing triumph out of tragedy. 

Out of The Overflow

Have you ever felt so full of joy you thought you were going to burst?

Are there times when God’s love overflowed from your life and you felt like a bystander? Was there ever a time you had a need, perhaps a need no one else knew about, and God met that need in a miraculous way? 

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