Theater Three's presentation of A Christmas Carol The Radio Show

This weekend I saw a production of A Christmas Carol The Radio Show on the downstairs stage (Theater Too) at Theater Three. It is an interesting presentation of Dicken’s classic story. A small radio station somewhere in mid-America annually presents the play on Christmas Eve. In 1947, a blizzard hits the town and only 1 actor, Bob Bennett, makes it to the studio. A real trooper, Bennet performs the entire play, creating different voices for the characters and all of the sound effects. 

Growing up we listened to our vinyl recording of the story multiple times each Christmas. This show took me back to my childhood. If I closed my eyes, I would have been in our den listening to the record. But I couldn’t take my eyes off the entertaining performance of

B. J. Cleveland.

Dropping by to see this show is worth your time. Maybe you are like me, and you need to be reminded ‘to keep Christmas in your heart'. 

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