Sage Movie Theater

Sage Movie Theater (6)

The Sage Movie Theater was remodeled in 1957 On the Greene in Sage. In addition to movies, stage productions are also held in the theater. The original theater was built in 1892 as an auditorium for the community and the college. 

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These are sounds of summer in North Texas - Cicadas singing. The hotter it greats the louder they sing. They are in the trees, so the sounds come from the top of the trees. I always think the trees are creaking. If you listen closely enough it sounds like all of creation is chanting over and over,  "Ittt'sss sooo hhhh-oooo-tttt."

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A tribute to my hometown, Duncanville, Tx, and a couple of nearby places,  and to my uncles and a friend who were veterans

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This video has my cat starring as my sewing assistant. Please don't report me for being cruel to animals, this was all her idea. When you are placing applique pieces, you need the pin cushion and you don't have an extra hand. She got faster each time she got hold of the cushion. Pins ended up all over the dining room. She is still kicking, so she didn't swallowed any.  My Sewing Assistant

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Follow the Adventures of My COVID-19 Rabbit as we journey through the days of COVID-19 on my youtube channel or use the hastag #covid19rabbit

   My COVID-19 Rabbit is buddy walking with through these strange days, much like the rabbit in The Velveteen Rabbit. My COVID 19 Rabbit small

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A very brief video biography

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