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A great Sunday afternoon

I spent a great “Pathways” afternoon being a part of P3 training. For me, I see my training every day I really live. I catch myself running my numbers or worse the specter of my special name comes over me. I hate that more than anything.




Even a couple of hours of being back ‘in the room’, hearing strangers share their hearts revives means reminds me of the work that happens every month.


To my class, 226, what we did 6 years ago was significant. It was significant for each of us as individuals and for us as group. Hearing the old songs took me back to those moments we shared. I could close my eyes and see the moments we spent together.


This afternoon also reminded me that every person is significant to me. Maybe you are reading this at a coffee shop or at home. Look around you, every person you see is important to you and no doubt needs you in their life.


Some of my favorite phrases from the afternoon and some I heard at a new heart level, ‘chip away at what doesn’t belong’, ‘I want to be real’, and ‘faith of the heart’.


The real question I have to ask myself from today is, “while I’ve always known I have wings, why am I still not ready to fly?”

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