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Finally Completed my State Coin Collection

I've been waiting for this moment for almost 3 years now. I completed my state quarter collection today! (at least those from the Denver Mint).


When the quarters first came out, I decided I would collect only those coins I gained in commerce. I was doing pretty well until my cancer treatments in 2003. Even after that year, it took a couple of years for me to care about checking my quarters when getting change. I've been waiting for a South Dakota coin for several months now.


The book I bought to collect the coins in has a section for 'D' coins and a section for 'P' coins. The Denver are much easier to come across in the Dallas area, so I still have quite a few wholes on the 'P' pages. But I do have a complete collection, so yeah!


This is also exciting because this was one of those projects that was impacted by the cancer. Something that was put aside as I dealt with those issues. Now completed, it is another step away from that time of my life, another step toward health

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