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Does book burning bother you? - May 10, 1933 Book Burnings in Germany

On May 10 in 1933, the Nazis staged massive public book burnings in Germany. There is nothing more disturbing for those of us who love books, than stories of book burnings. Actually it is almost impossible to believe if we didn’t have it recorded in photos and videos. 




Words can take us to worlds far away. They can introduce us to people we could never meet. They can open our horizons to our world in ways we would never see on our own.  


Words can enrich or they can threaten us. They can reinforce or challenge our beliefs.  


Although it would seem they are just words, but they are integrally associated with the author. Strike out my words, you take a strike against me. 


I am grateful I am able to feel free to speak and write as I believe. I am willing to allow ideas different from my own to be expressed. 


What about you? Does book burning bother you? Are you willing for others to share ideas contrary to your own? 

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