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How to know Jesus Better- Review of Wonderful Names of Our Wonderful Lord

Cover for Wonderful Names of Our Wonderful Lord     

     Book Title Wonderful Names of Our Wonderful Lord
Abridged Christian Classics
     Book Author      T. C. Horton & Charles Hurlburt
     Publisher          Barbour 
     Pub. Year     2010
     Pages         189
     Genre         devotional
     My Rating     ♥♥♥♥♥   
     Ease of Read     quick, easy reading
     ISBN         978-1-60260-856-6
I was attracted to this book by...
   the title in the grocery store. Learning more about the names of the Lord appealed to me. The short devotional were a perfect addition to my daily meditation period. 


This book was about...
   many of the names of Jesus. For each name a scripture reference was chosen and an inspirational paragraph provided. This is an abridged edition of a classic devotional book which for over a century has inspired readers. This edition contains about half of the original devotions and has been updated for readability. 
Things I liked about this book...
   It opened my mind to many of the names and their meanings. 
Why you should read this book...
   This book describes our Lord, Jesus through names given to Him in scripture with inspiring words explaining what this name of Jesus means to believers.  
This book lived up to the back cover copy...
  This book fulfills the promise of knowing Jesus better through His wonderful names.

Information about the authors 
T. C. Horton was a cofounder of the Bible Institute of Los Angeles, now known as Biola University, in 1908.

Charles E. Hurlburt was among the founders of the African Inland Mission in 1895. He is credited with convincing the Belgian government to allow Christian missionaries into the Congo.

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