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Book Review - A FLAMING FIRE - An Autobiography

Book Title         A FLAMING FIRE - An Autobiography

Book Author          Ginny Larson  

Pub. Year         2021

Genre                   Christian Memoir 

My Rating       4 Stars 

Ease of Read       very easy   

ISBN                    978-0578725123 

I was attracted to this book because…Ginny Larson and I are in the same weekly small group. I was intrigued to learn more about her life of service on the mission field. 

This book was about… The call of God on Ginny’s life from childhood leading her through prompts and open doors of opportunities into the service of translating God’s Word into the heart language of two people groups and helping with multiple languages in another country. She served for over fifty years with Wycliffe Bible Translators. 


Things I liked about this book…I was intrigued by her story and how similar God’s initial prompts were on our lives, yet how different were the opportunities He provided us to find our way in life. I was encouraged by her story, and how God met her every need. I was touched by the fascinating life and friendships she experienced in her travels. She provides many verses, songs, Christian examples and scriptures which inspired her during challenging times.

Why you should read this book… The book will inspire you to seek God’s will and to help with providing God’s Word in people’s heart language around the world.     

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