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Book Title     The End of October          

Book Author       Lawerence Wright 

Pub. Year      2020

Genre                 Suspense Fiction

My Rating  5 stars

Ease of Read   fact paced, easy to read  

ISBN        9780525658658  

I was attracted to this book because...

I am really interested in ‘virus’ fiction. I’m intrigued by how people react to this type of disaster and how the science influences the virus, the people and the world systems. This book didn’t disappoint. 


This book was about 

When an acute hemorrhagic fever is reported in a small encampment in Indonesia, epidemiologist Harry Parsons investigates for the World Health Organization. What he finds changes the world and rocks his family forever. 


Things I liked about this book

It is not often you get to read a book, especially a thriller, which speaks directly to what is happening in our lives. Once again, the virus and its origins are different from what we are experiencing. It is a tale of cautionary warning of what could be ahead for us of we are not able to contain the spread of COVID-19. 

This is a fast pace, easy read book which still provides enough tension on every page to make you stop and take a breath. The science is presented in a way that is informative and understandable.    

Why you should read this book

THE END OF OCTOBER reminds us novel viruses, both natural and manmade are in our future. It takes us through the impact of the virus on our culture in a safe way. It is a reminder of the difficulties we can face in the days ahead. And if the virus was manufactured, the blame is on us. It also helped me understand more about RNA viruses and many of the terms we read in the headlines and hear on the news everyday. 


This book lived up to the back cover copy


Lawrence Wright

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