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Book Title            TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE            

Book Author     Jerry Jenkins  

Pub. Year            1998

Genre     Fiction, love story

My Rating             4 stars

Ease of Read            very easy 

ISBN               0140280928   

I was attracted to this book because… Jerry Jenkins mentioned this book during one of his Office Hours sessions this year. I’m always intrigued by his work, and was especially interested by the fact this is a love story, which is not his typical genre.

This book was about the story of two strong, individual journalists who fall in love, despite being polar opposites in terms of outlook and personality. Despite their deep love, their disparate convictions on the existence of Santa Claus brings them to the brink of separation. Both characters go on journeys to find the right middle ground to restore and secure their relationship. These journeys are fanciful, heartfelt, loving events resulting in restoration of the faith in the power if love for many people.   


Things I liked about this book A well paced story, in which I experienced in the good times and the hard times. The climax was a surprise and brought tears to my eyes. 


Why you should read this book - a delightful Christmas story for this season, which reminds you of the magic of Christmas. I wonder how many couples have had similar discussions on the existence of Santa. It is a great reminder of the power of love and of giving to others. 


This book lived up to the back cover copy - This story does bring romance, good cheer and hope to the holiday season for its readers. 


Jerry B. Jenkins

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