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Book Title Fatal Strike              

Book Author   DiAnn Mills   

Pub. Year  2019 

Genre    Christian Suspense  

My Rating   5 stars

Ease of Read  Easy Read   

ISBN   978-1-4964-2710-6  

I was attracted to this book because -  DiAnn Mills is one of my favorite authors. Her stories are always compelling in their adventure and relevant in events and characters.

 This book was about - FATAL STRIKE is another book in the Houston: FBI series. A pair of FBI sniper agents are assigned to solve a series of homicides in Galveston before the killer can strike again. As they work the case, they struggle with the motives and actions of each person they interview. To solve the crimes, they will have to sort through misdirection and falsehoods, as they both face their own internal fears. 


Things I liked about this book - In a providential way, this story brings the 2 FBI agents together at the point in their lives when they needed a partner to anchor their lives and to encourage each other to face their demons. The cascading consequences of sin are clearly shown in the actions of all the characters. The themes of forgiveness and redemption are expressed from the opening to the closing pages. I also enjoyed the double entendre of the title. There is the obvious reference to stopping the killer. But, after finishing the book, I realized it is also pointing to specific events in the story. Those are still haunting me.


Why you should read this book - FATAL STRIKE is a fast paced story, with intriguing characters. While the crimes were complex, it is the subtle way they had been inserted into the lives of the victims which are the most disturbing. It makes you wonder about the people around you, even those you sit by in church. And the romantic tension between the main characters bring tender and hopeful emotions to a devastating adventure. 

This book lived up to the back cover copy - DiAnn Mills, in FATAL STRIKE, fulfills the promises made on the back cover. 


While I received a copy from the author, I also pre-ordered the book. 

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