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Where is his body?

“Osama bin Laden is dead and the United States has his body, a source tells the Associated Press.” This sentence was in one of many Breaking News emails I got in the last 24 hours from The Dallas Morning News.



They buried him at sea, after taking a DNA sample. The tested sample shows this is the real deal. We do need proof, don't we?  


It makes me think of another burial we celebrated a couple of weeks ago. Jesus was crucified on Friday and placed in a tomb. 


The authorities wanted to keep track of His body. They posted a guard at His tomb. 


On Sunday, the women came to finish the preparations of Jesus’ body. The tomb was empty and the body of Jesus was gone.  


There were 2 men at the  tomb. They told the women, Jesus had risen.  


No one has ever found Jesus’ body, because he isn’t dead any more. 


What about you? Do you think His body was put into the sea? 

Or is He your risen Lord?  

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