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Pearl Harbor Day and 9-11

For those who wonder if our descendants will understand how we were effected by 9-11, we should just think about what Pearl Harbor still means to all of us.


I know the ear and confusion the radio reports of the attacks brought to my parents as young teens. I know the anger and resentment of my grandparents, especially my grandfather who fought in France in World War I. Maybe he had believed that his countrymen would not have to face what the realities of war he saw in France again in his lifetime. He never wanted anything made in Japan in his house.


While I didn't carry forward his prejudices brought by the day, I've always honored his emotions for the events and join in his horror of the evil men can inflict on each other.


I think our descendants will continue to honor the memory of Dec 7 and 9-11.

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What are you doing for your country?
Ouida Finch Peterson

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