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What do you plan to do today?

What a remarkable day in history! - October 14 



1890 - Dwight Eisenhower was born. (His presidency was the last time I slept soundly with a Republican in the White House. Hey, I was 4.) 


1910 - John Wooden was born (basketball was never the same)


1944 - German Field Marshall Erwin Rommel committed suicide rather than face execution for allegedly conspiring against Adolf Hitler. 


1947 - Chuck Yeager broke the sound barrier - The guy with ‘The Right Stuff’ and one of my all time favorite heros. 


1960 - Presidential candidate John Kennedy suggested the formation of a Peace Corp


1964 - Martin Luther King Jr wan the Nobel Prize for Peace


1968 - First live telecast from a manned space craft - Apollo 7


1979 - Wayne Gretzky scored his first 894 professional goals


1986 - Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel won the Nobel Prize for Peace


1991- Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi won the Nobel Prize for Peace


Tell me what do you plan to do today?


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How Sep. 14 in history has helped defined America

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