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Serenity's Deception - Janice Olsom


Book Title         Serenty's Deception

Book Author      Janice Olson

Publisher         Lyndon Publishing

Pub. Year          October 24, 2012

Pages               362

Genre             Romantic Suspense

My Rating       5 Stars


Ease of Read     Easy

ISBN    978-0-9764915-1-4 

I was attracted to this book because...

   I like the dichotomy of the title. It drew me to open the book and find out about the deception, was Serenity a person or a place? Intrigue from the start.

This book was about

   After creating a successful career in photography in Galveston, BJ Spenser is unexpectedly called back to Serenity, her hometown for the reading of the will of Madelyne Rose Loveless O’Connell. Having grown up in Serenity as an orphan, BJ has no idea why she is included in this will reading, but her curiosity is triggered. She returns to face bad memories for the people and the place. Her problems escalate when she and her ex-boyfriend are named as the beneficiaries of Mrs. O’Connell’s considerable  estate if they fulfill some rigid requirements which will require them to overcome the past. The tension and conflict grow as unknown forces work to prevent their success from the moment they leave the lawyer’s office. 

Things I liked about this book

   Tension and conflict abound in the personal relationships of the characters as they work to be resolve the challenge the will’s requirements and implementations for the rest of their lives. 

Why you should read this book

   This is a story of the hope of a wonderful life we all long is worked. It is a reminder of the difficulties and potentials that come with a second chance at happiness. 

This book lived up to the back cover copy

  My favorite sentences from the back cover copy are

“Plagued with misgivings, BJ questions whether love can be found in a town filled with lies and deception. And can she forgive someone even when they are asking from the grave?”

Serenity’s Deception tells of BJ’s opportunities to find love in spite of the deception and forgiveness for the past. 


Serenity’s Deception is Janice Olson’s debut novel. It is the first novel in a series for the Texas Sorority Sisters. The four novels are now available. Contact Janice Olson.b2ap3_thumbnail_Janice-Olson-7_2013-2--e1436121291639.jpg

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