Farewell to a special lady

This afternoon we laid to rest my last great aunt. She was three weeks shy of her 102 birthday. 


When she was 90, I think, she gave her apartment and moved into a ‘retirement’ center where she became the life of the third floor. 


There are 2 great lessons I take away from Aunt Dot’s life. 


1 - You will never out live your friends if you continue to make new friends. 


2-  Dorothy was a fairly stubborn lady, but last fall her son went to see her with just as much determination. He told her ‘Mom, it is time we talk about your salvation.’ For the first time, she was willingly to hear the gospel. That afternoon, Ronnie had the privilege of leading her to accept Jesus Christ as her savior. From then, they would see her Bible by her chair and have it in her lap when she had dropped off to sleep. 


Aunt Dot was fortunate God allowed her to have the time she needed to come to know Him. But, she missed a lot of time to have a special friend. What about you? There is no time better than today to turn to Him. 

Dorothy Pelt Patton

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