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Background Information on The Sage Record, Sage-Tx

Background Information on The Sage Record, Sage-Tx

Some form of The Sage Record newspaper has existed since 1867. The on-line newsletters are the following: 

Hanging @ the Space Bar - Lyndie Blevins' column

History Notes - Moments in History captured by the history department of the AR Johnson College

The Literary Society - All things books, reviews, recommendations, writing tips

Book Reviews is a section of The Literary Society where books, new and old are reviewed. 

The Writing Life- is a section about the writing experience of Lyndie Blevins and her friends. 

The church of the valley - spiritual insights for the community

People - Articles about important people to Lyndie Blevins

Arts- the literary and fabris art of Lyndie Blevins 

Headlines - headline news articles

The Sage Guard - In Sage we value the older generations of our families. This newsletter is about guarding the personal "Sages" in our lives. In 2013, Lyndie Blevins moved her parents into her home. 

You can sign up for one or some or all of these newsletters. 


The Sage Record is a division of Guiding Wind. Lyndie Blevins is the primary contributor. 




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