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Book Review - Burden of Proof

This book was about

   FBI Special Agent, April Ramos is trying to pull herself together after a failed negotiation when she is thrusted into an intriguing scheme of murder, kidnapping and corrupt law enforcement. The action sweeps her from predictable partner and routine in Houston into a different world in East Texas. She has to either trust her instincts or her training as she goes through the adventure of being a hostage, a fugitive and a law officer. 

I was attracted to this book because...

   I’m an ardent fan of DiAnn. I always look forward to her next book. 

Things I liked about this book

   The intriguing story is constantly moving your forward while introducing you to fascinating characters and story line. There is very little time to take a break. 

  This story shows how devastating life can be when authorities take advantage of their position and how difficult it is to overcome. 

  There also is an honest presentation of a character’s response to people who are living there life out in faith during difficult situation.  

Why you should read this book

   We all need to consider how far we are willing to go to stand for justice, especially when our most treasured love ones are threatened. 

This book lived up to the back cover copy

  The tales Agent Ramos is confronted with as the book open seem as tall as the trees in East Texas. Using all of her investigation skills, as well of personal protection skills she will wend her way to the truth. 


Book Title   Burden of Proof

Book Author       DiAnn Mills

Publisher              Tyndale

Pub. Year   2018

Pages      391

Genre      Fiction/Romance/Suspense

My Rating  5 Stars

Ease of Read     Easy read

ISBN     978-1-4964-2705



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