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Book Review - Miles Apart - Mike Farris

Book Title        Miles Apart 

Book Author    Mike Farris 

Pub. Year   2020

Genre     History Literary Fiction  

My Rating       5 stars  

Ease of Read  Easy Read 

ISBN   978-1950613519  

I was attracted to this book because… Not only is Mike Farris a friend, but a great author. I enjoy historical fiction, as well as, literary fiction. I find family history intriguing  and love to discover artifacts that bring me understanding about my life and when others can make those discovers about their families. There is always the danger you might not want to know what you find out. 

This book was about Successful Dallas attorney, Miles Buffett returns to Memphis to bury his father. In searching for his father’s will, he and his lost love discover a packet of letters from his grandparents early years of their marriage. From the letters he learns some deeply buried family secrets which shift his perception of his life.     

Things I liked about this book The compelling narrative draws you into the pages of the letters of his grandparents through some very difficult days of their marriage. Miles learns so many things of strength of character is grandparents gained in these. The characters are intriguing and you want to know what is going to happen to them next. Just like you wait for the next phone call from an old friend. The story reminds you, regardless of what you see on the surface, everyone has a past of good and bad which had built the character and success the world

 around sees. Mike does present a compelling call to knowing God in a personal way. 

Why you should read this book There is the reminder, you never know what you will uncover when you go through the belongings of a loved one or treasured friend. There is always a depth of life circumstances and character that creates individuals and families. Most of the time, we take the strong characters in our life for granted not ever wondering how that character was developed. This book should help us embrace the stories of families in a new. And no matter how tough these days we are loving in, it is a reminder, our ancestors face their own difficult times. It is what they did with the troubles life gave to them that make them who we knew later in life. The same can be true for us.    

This book lived up to the publicized announcements  The book was true to the write ups. 


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