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Book Title   WAITING ON THE WORD      

Book Author     Malcolm Guide  

Pub. Year              2015

Genre     Spiritual Advent Poetry

My Rating   5 Stars

Ease of Read   Very east, but spiritually challenging   

ISBN   978-1-84825-800-6  


I was attracted to this book because… I enjoy Malcolm Guite’s poetry and I was looking for something new and challenging to consider Advent in the  troubling year of 2020. 

This book was about -  Using his extensive knowledge of poetry, Malcom was able to present poems with vey meaningful insights to each day of Advent. 


Things I liked about this book - He moves you from the physical darkness and cold of December to the power of hope springing from look toward the birth of the Savior.


Why you should read this book - To have a fresh look at the Advent season.     

This book lived up to the back cover copy - The comments on the back cover will lead you to the front porch of the door that will take your Advent season to a deeper experience. 


Malcolm Guite

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