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Seeking Sage Newsletter Volume 51 August 9, 2021

Camel Rock, New Mexico


Fighting the Twisties and other balance issues…

“The rhythm is off, and your brain will like stutter step for half a second and that's enough to throw off the whole skill,” said Laurie Hernandez.



While I was disappointed for Simone Biles in this Olympics, I was grateful for her wisdom in taking a step back. 

I was really glad to learn about the ‘twisties.’  For me, it explains what I have been experiencing in the last few years. 

My ‘twisties’ came with everyday skills. like standing up, and walking across the room. But is i pretty much the same experience, something in my brain takes a stutter step. and I’m confused. 

As the depression took over my brain a few years ago, it effected by centers for balance and concentration. In the las few months, I’ve beed doing some exercises twice a day to improve both my concentration and balance. You could say, I’ve been working in my own ‘foam’ room.

I am slowly seeing improvements. 

Where are you seeing the ‘twisties’ in your life?

Respond to this email, or on my facebook page. 

Be safe. 

Lyndie Blevins

(Photo Camel Rock, New Mexico 

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