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Some thoughts on Isaiah 10

In this passage, Isaiah reveals God’s minor plan for Assyria as it relates to His major plan for the cosmos. These verses also reveal God’s character to be consistent with His purpose. Not only are God’s actions consistent through out history, they consistently work toward His purpose of bringing His children back into a right relationship with Him.

The Northern Kingdom or Israel behavior proved they were out of relationship with God. They called on other kingdoms to support them and relied on their wits. They failed to respond to any of the warnings God had sent them. God brought the Assyrians against them in the hope they would return to Him for help or be disciplined to recognize their faith was placed in the wrong things. God continues declare a remnant will return to fulfill His promise to Abraham.

In his pride and arrogance the Assyrian king failed to recognize his part in God’s plan. Believing they were the most powerful force in the cosmos, he stepped beyond God’s plan seeking the destruction rather than the conquest of other nations. Using God’s foresight, Isaiah brings an indictment of Assyria’s actions which will eventually bring God’s wrath upon them. Assyria will march through the land, but will be stopped at Nod, within sight of the temple. Then they will be heard of no more.

And what about us? The good news is God’s plan to bring His children into the right relationship with Him continues for you and me. God is in control of all the cosmos. It is so easy to forget this in a world where we make time, light, communications, and relationships convenient for us. A world where ‘the American Dream’ trumps all, doesn’t leave much room for reliance on God.

God’s plan for the cosmos will happen. What role we will play is a simple choice. Will we stand, like the Assyrians in our own power and be stopped within sight of His temple? Or will we turn, and call out to the One Who Loves Us and be reconciled?

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